Looking for ways to increase your speed and accuracy when you are doing a typing speed test?  Look no further - I've set up this site to help you achieve your typing goals.

An Introduction to the Typing Speed Test

Typing speed tests are a way of checking your typing speed and accuracy.  They are a great way for you to see how you're progressing when learning how to type.  With any new skill its great to monitor your progress and there are many online typing tests that allow you to do this easily.

Depending at what stage you are at in your typing education you will need to choose a test that is relevant for you.  If you haven't yet mastered ten finger typing (ie using all your fingers, for the relevant keys) its pointless using a typing speed test that incorporates all of the letters.  Likewise you may still not have mastered numbers and punctuation marks and trying a speed test that includes these will just frustrate you. 

However if you are at a higher level of typing skill, don't waste your time constantly with simple tests as these won't truly give you a real idea of your typing speed.  And if you are expected to do a typing test at an interview you can pretty much guarantee that they will add in as many different letters, numbers and punctuation marks as possible to really put your skills to the test.

I've trawled the internet to find some good sites that provide typing speed tests:-

Text, Numbers and Text + Number tests

A fun fast way of testing your skills - this is not for beginners!

Tests all the letters of the alphabet

Beginner, Novice and Expert Settings

Useful for when learning keyboard drills

I hope you find some of the above sites useful.  A suggestion I would make is that if you find you are doing these typing speed tests and your speed or accuracy is slowing down - walk away from your computer and have a break.  Then come back, do some general practice and take another break, before testing your speed again.

Have fun .........