If you are looking for a typing program that will help you increase the speed at which you type then this online software program could be the one for you.

This program is hosted on-line which means that no matter where you are as long as you have access to a computer with an internet connection you can continue practicing your typing skills.  Just log on and carry on with your learning.  This allows you the flexibility of improving your typing skills, so you can do even better on your next typing speed test, whenever you have a few minutes to spare - whether that's at home or in your lunch break at the office.

The program comes with lots of great features including:
- Lessons range from Novice to Professional - in very little time you will be blasting through your typing speed tests.
- Lessons focus on specific areas including the more challenging typing situations such as numbers so you can quickly increase both your speed and accuracy.
- Engaging content - including use of current news headlines to keep the exercises fun and interesting.
- Statistics and real time tracking so you can see how you are progressing.
- Typing Speed Tests and Certificates to show what you have achieved.

The great news is you can try out this typing program for free.

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Clever use of speeding up the film to make this guy look like he's typing at several hundred words a minute.  By the way don't emulate the way he is sat or you will end up with back ache!


How fast you score on a typing speed test can be affected by your posture.  Check out my new article, I've just posted, that gives some pointers on how to sit correctly to get the best results on your typing speed test.

Correct Posture for taking a Typing Speed Test



Have you ever felt like you were on trial whilst you were taking a typing speed test?  It can certainly be quite a pressured situation when the clock is ticking.

If you have spare a thought for the competitors who were recently pitting their typing speed skills against each other at the National Court Reporters Association National Convention.  They had to prove their skills (the best of which are typing as high as 280 WPM) in a court room session being presided over by an actual trial Judge!

Here's how one of the contestants - Mellony Arial described her first experience in this competition.....

"You have to keep your nerves in check, 'cause if you don't, your hands start shaking."

And this came from someone with almost 20 years of court reporting experience!

Here's a link to the article ........

Typing Speed Test - in the Dock

Love to hear your views.



Hi - when I was teaching I was often asked what's more important speed or accuracy?  Well both are going to have an impact on your score, when you're doing a typing speed test, so its important to consider both elements.  However, its very easy to get carried away with pushing your speed.  But if accuracy suffers, this will in turn, have an impact on your speed. 

Have a look at my web page - Speed Vs Accuracy which expands on my thoughts further......


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Welcome to my website and blog all about mastering the skill of taking a typing speed test.  When learning to type its useful to be able to check how you are progressing against your goals and undertaking a typing speed test is a great way to do this.  Begin by checking out my home page which gives a great introduction and some useful sites to test out your skills.